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Habitat Suites' front entrance
Flowering plants, mature trees and vegetables surrounding the front entrance.

Habitat Suites – A locally-owned, independent hotel, centered around spacious hypo-allergenic suites, organic edible vegetable gardens, salt-water swimming, solar power, water conservation, and an unrelenting dedication to guest comfort. Habitat Suites is a relaxed green oasis in the midst of North Central Austin, TX. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, as a group or solo, from far away or just around the corner—Habitat Suites is determined to share our love of Austin with you and make your stay a memorable one.

Environmental consciousness is a core component of our mission at Habitat Suites-–integrated in every decision we make. We have taken a leadership role in the hospitality industry to demonstrate to competitors that integrating green practices into the fabric of a world-class hotel represents a viable business model and one worthy of emulation. We hope to continue to set the standard for integrating environmentally friendly practices in the hotel industry.


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