Rooftop solar panels, organic gardens and salt water pool in the courtyard.

Habitat Suites Rooftop solar panels, organic gardens and courtyard pool. EcoRooms and EcoSuites Certified

ecorooms ecocertifiedWhen Habitat Suites Hotel opened in 1985, it had not been designed or built with ecological considerations in mind. Thus, we have adopted innovative ways throughout our history to become recognized as an ecologically responsible hotel--one that fosters a healthy environment for guests, employees, and wildlife while seeking to minimize our impact upon the earth and its resources. In 1991, we became a charter member of the Green Hotels Association--long before it was popular to be 'green.'  Although we have already won many awards for our environmental track record, we will not rest on our laurels but will endeavor to lead the way in sustainable, responsible business practices.

Quick List of our Green Features

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Alternative Energy

  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Thermal

Improving Indoor Air Quality

  • Non-Toxic Cleaning Products
  • Non-Smoking Property
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Paint
  • Live Potted Plant in Every Suite
  • Operable Windows

Land Stewardship

  • Organic, Edible Gardens
  • Avoiding Chemical Fertilizers and Pesticides

Energy Efficiency

  • Motion and Occupancy Sensing Thermostats
  • Compact Florescent (CFL) Bulbs & LED Bulbs
  • Motion Sensing Lighting in Guesthouse Restrooms

Water Conservation

  • Water-Saving Toilets
  • Rainwater Barrels
  • Low-Flow Faucet Aerators in all Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks
  • Water-Saving Showerheads
  • Linen and Towel Reuse Program
  • Energy-Efficient Commercial Washers in Housekeeping