At Habitat Suites sustainability is a part of our core values. We believe environmental stewardship fosters a healthy environment for guests, employees and wildlife while minimizing our impact upon the loss of our earth's natural, invaluable resources. Since we opened in 1985, we have implemented new and innovative ways to maintain a sustainable operation. In 1991, we became a charter member of the Green Hotels Association -- long before it was popular to be 'green'. Our goal is to continue to progress & endeavor to lead the way in sustainable, responsible business practices, so that everybody wins. 

Efforts in Alternative Energy

  • We operate Solar Panels on every building of our property
  • We use Solar Thermal where possible
  • We provide 2 EVC (Electric Vehicle Charging) Stations exclusively for our guests

Air Quality and Biodegradable, Natural Products

  • We clean our furnishings and carpeting using safe, plant-based, zero harsh chemical detergents
  • We offer all-natural, safe for the environment guest amenity detergents and shampoos.
  • We maintain a strict non-smoking policy for our property and suites
  • We renovate and repair with Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Paint
  • In every suite there is a live potted plant, to help promote a naturally clean air quality. 
  • Our suite's windows are operable to allow fresh air into the space. 

 Land Stewardship & Native Landscaping

  • We use only organic pesticides or fertilizers and take natural deterrent methods where possible 
  • mature, native plants and trees grace our gardens and form a self-sufficient ecosystem. 
  • We encourage our guests to harvest the many edible organic herbs and fruits we offer from our trees and gardens.

Recycling & Reuse

  • Recycle bins are located in every suite and throughout the property grounds for convenient and responsible disposal
  • Employees recycle and reuse materials as part of their commitment to Habitat Suite's Core Values.
  • We offer recycled-content guest amenities and guest key cards
  • We affiliate with Austin Creative Reuse and Austin Material Marketplace to obtain previously used materials that we can repurpose for our back office operations, even down to old pencils and half-used rolls of shipping tape. 

Energy Efficiency

  • Each suite contains a motion and occupancy sensing thermostat
  • We use energy-saving LED and Compact Florescent (CFL) Bulbs
  • Our public restrooms contain motion sensing lighting fixtures
  • We renovate and replace with appliances containing Energy Star Certification

Water Conservation

  • low GPM flush toilets
  • rainwater barrels are located around the property for rainwater harvesting and reuse
  • all kitchen and bathroom sinks contain low faucet aerators
  • our shower heads are low GPM to reduce water waste
  • We operate a Linen & Towel Reuse program
  • We operate energy-efficient commercial washers  in housekeeping