Under the Canopy, Winter 2016

My oh, my! This season just might be our favorite. Cool enough for sweaters in the morning, but don't forget the layers. That afternoon sun is sure to warm you right up! Loquats are in bloom, and always make us smile. Kumquats are ripe, and we've got pomegranates exploding left and right! Don't know what I mean? Here are a few pictures of how you can tell when our pomegranates are ripe. 

With B5 and Vitamin C, pomegranates are a great little boost to your traveling diet. 

We've also got some very old, and beautiful rosemary bushes around the property. A common addition to holiday foods, and for very good reason. The scent of rosemary is said to strengthen memory and focus, while we know that it is packed full of Vitamin A. Pluck a couple of sprigs, and simmer in a pot of water on the stove to add a wonderful aroma to the air in your suit. 

Kumquats are high in Vitamin C and are eaten whole once they are bright orange. Pick a few, and leave some for your neighbors. They are tangy, yet sweet, a perfect pick-me-up.

Under the Canopy, Autumn 2016

Autumn in Austin...

As we say goodbye to the figs, we know that citrus is right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled for kumquats (eat whole!), lemons, and limes. We have pears coming in, too! The herbs and roses are recovering from the heat and are very fragrant right now. 

We like to include our limes in a tart agua fresca, mix together; the juice of ten limes, three tablespoons of sucanat sugar, and eight cups of water. Chill, and enjoy. For a refreshing addition, pick some fresh mint, rinse, bruise, and add to your glass. 

Pears make a lovely dessert. We have enjoyed them sliced in half, roasted until soft, and then topped with a dollop of mascarpone cheese. 

Rose hips, are the bulbous base of the rose blooms and they are a vitamin C powerhouse! Clip a few, chop, and steep in boiling water to make a potent immune booster.  

Our chemical free groundskeeping methods mean that you can harvest at will, and enjoy anything that you recognize as edible without worry to pesticides or herbicides tainting your food. If you are unsure about what you see, ask the front desk, or the Sustainability Manager. They will be more than happy to talk plants. 

Under the Canopy, Summer 2016

Welcome to Austin! 

Curious as to what you might see in the gardens during your summer trip? Wonderful! Summer here means figs, and prickly pear, and wild berries! The tomatoes are at their peak in early summer and winding down through the end of July. We'll have native sunflowers, cosmos, barbados cherries, squash, and best of all, that sweet, heavy sent of summer while you sit poolside in the evening. 

As always, feel free to browse, and harvest at will. With our chemical free upkeep, you can rest assured that each bite will be as close to nature as possible in the middle of a thriving city. 


The berries are very low in calories. Nonetheless, they are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. Xylitol is a low-calorie sugar substitute existing in the fiber content. It is absorbed into the blood at a rate slower than glucose, inside the gut to help steady blood sugar levels.

Barbados Cherry:

Antioxidant and vitamin C powerhouse! Also known as, acerola. 


With a texture that combines the chewiness of the skin, with the silkiness of the flesh, and the crunchiness of the seeds, you get a good source of potassium, fiber, and a whole host of other vital nutrients. 

Prickly Pear:

While being an amazing source of vitamin c, soluble fiber, and antioxidants, these lovelies are easier to look at than they are to safely pluck. There are tiny hairs on the skin of the fruit, and without tongs or very thick gloves, I would not attempt to pick or prepare them. 

Winter Special Offers through February

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 Master King Suite with HDTV, Private Bath, Fully Equipped Kitchen & Fireplace

Master King Suite with HDTV, Private Bath, Fully Equipped Kitchen & Fireplace

New "Living Green" Menu

    We are very excited to announce a more vigorous effort on our part to offer you a healthier breakfast experience. Habitat Suites has begun to implement higher-quality,organic, and, where possible, locally-sourced ingredients in order to provide healthy, feel-good, nutrient-rich meals just for you to get your day started right! This is a departure from the typical hotel chain establishments, which tend to offer excess amounts of low-quality choices. With this new breakfast service, we will unofficially be the first Austin hotel operation with a nutrient-rich focus on ensuring each of our entrees can be made either gluten-free, vegan-friendly, or macrobiotic, including the elimination of processed meats. We will still be serving fresh free-range eggs. We will become committed to local and safe ingredients wherever possible and our goal is to take leadership by example amongst independent hotel businesses in this effort.


We invite you to check out our new Dining & Amenities page, browse our new rotating menu, and we hope you join us in supporting our new effort to serve you with cleaner, safer, healthier food choices. We look forward to welcoming you!    

Yours in Service,

The Habitat Suites Family