Under the Canopy, Winter 2016

My oh, my! This season just might be our favorite. Cool enough for sweaters in the morning, but don't forget the layers. That afternoon sun is sure to warm you right up! Loquats are in bloom, and always make us smile. Kumquats are ripe, and we've got pomegranates exploding left and right! Don't know what I mean? Here are a few pictures of how you can tell when our pomegranates are ripe. 

With B5 and Vitamin C, pomegranates are a great little boost to your traveling diet. 

We've also got some very old, and beautiful rosemary bushes around the property. A common addition to holiday foods, and for very good reason. The scent of rosemary is said to strengthen memory and focus, while we know that it is packed full of Vitamin A. Pluck a couple of sprigs, and simmer in a pot of water on the stove to add a wonderful aroma to the air in your suit. 

Kumquats are high in Vitamin C and are eaten whole once they are bright orange. Pick a few, and leave some for your neighbors. They are tangy, yet sweet, a perfect pick-me-up.