Under the Canopy, Autumn 2016

Autumn in Austin...

As we say goodbye to the figs, we know that citrus is right around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled for kumquats (eat whole!), lemons, and limes. We have pears coming in, too! The herbs and roses are recovering from the heat and are very fragrant right now. 

We like to include our limes in a tart agua fresca, mix together; the juice of ten limes, three tablespoons of sucanat sugar, and eight cups of water. Chill, and enjoy. For a refreshing addition, pick some fresh mint, rinse, bruise, and add to your glass. 

Pears make a lovely dessert. We have enjoyed them sliced in half, roasted until soft, and then topped with a dollop of mascarpone cheese. 

Rose hips, are the bulbous base of the rose blooms and they are a vitamin C powerhouse! Clip a few, chop, and steep in boiling water to make a potent immune booster.  

Our chemical free groundskeeping methods mean that you can harvest at will, and enjoy anything that you recognize as edible without worry to pesticides or herbicides tainting your food. If you are unsure about what you see, ask the front desk, or the Sustainability Manager. They will be more than happy to talk plants.