Wellness through Partnership.


Supporting our guests' wellness takes more than providing a good breakfast and a quiet nights sleep. Our bodies crave movement, while our minds seek stillness. We have developed a partnership with two locally owned yoga studios to bring you walk in yoga classes at a discounted rate. Once you purchase your yoga pass at the front desk, all you have to do is sign in at the studio of your choice, and enjoy a class. 


Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga is a unique yoga series that combines the precision of therapeutic yoga in a heated room. The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens the muscles while calming the mind and reducing stress.


Sanctuary Yoga

Sanctuary Yoga is an intimate yoga studio that offers an intentional space devoted to personal growth and elevation of humanity. Nestled under a canopy of ancient oak trees, Sanctuary Yoga is Austin’s only non-profit yoga studio. Proceeds from each yoga class benefit the youth programs of Amala Foundation which inspire youth all over the world to live in unity, serve compassionately and lead peacefully.